Cash Ratings for Safes - Geelong Safe and Secure

Cash Ratings for Safes and what they mean.

When choosing a safe, one of the most important things that you should look at is the cash rating. Cash ratings for safes is about measure of how hard the safe is to break in to. The term is used to, compare one safe to another and how it can withstand somebody trying to get into it, in a monetary value. The higher the rating is, the more that the safe is secure in how it is manufactured and what materials it is made from. Two safes could perceive to look the same, and have similar dimensions, but their cash rating could be very different. That is why you should always look at cash ratings when choosing a safe that is specific to your needs.

The more valuables that you have, the higher the cash rating should be on the safe.

Below we have made a comparison table with two safes that have similar dimensions but VERY different cash ratings.


------------------COMPARISON TABLE-----------------